This Pet World Directory came about through personal choice.  Set up by David & Angela Parkes whom over the years have had many varieties of animals as pets in addition to aquariums.  We’ve had Rabbits, Cats, Fish, now Dogs and we have not always been able to find the best supplies for our needs.  Often we have found trades through word of mouth after speaking with other pet owners who have been in similar circumstances.

Jaspter & Pixie

We thought it was time we did something positive to assist other pet lovers and businesses within the pet and animal world to help everyone find each other.  Therefore, Pet World Directory was Born.   Fortunately for us, David is a keen web designer and went into business in 2017, so developing the directory ourselves became an easy task and we feel that we will also be able to maintain the directory, respond to businesses who wish to list within the directory and hopefully encourage businesses to advertise with us over time.  We are very much in the early stages at present, the website has been up and running for one week today, as we write this (28/8/19) and little tweaks are constantly being added to improve the directory every day.

We both hope the directory grows over time and we both encourage businesses to take advantage of the directory and list their details, if you’re in the pet or animal trade we invite you to join the directory.

We would like to be the directory for all businesses in the Pet and Animal World.  Sign up today and list your business.  FREE Listings Available.

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